How To Tell If You Have Cockroaches And What To Do About Them

4 May 2019
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Cockroaches are an unpleasant house guest that you don't want hanging around your home. If you have cockroaches, you may not even be aware that they're in your home until you have a problem with them. A cockroach infestation is something you should leave to a professional. Read on for ways to tell if you have cockroaches in your home and what you can do about them. Streak Marks Streak marks or greasy marks on your walls, especially on the lower portions of your walls where cockroaches are crawling, are a good indication that you could have a problem. Read More …

3 Important Things to Do When You Have a Wild Animal in Your Home

29 April 2019
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Have you recently moved from a very urban area to one that is more rural? Are you wondering how to deal with all of the wild animals that you see around your home? In general, wildlife usually wants nothing to do with people. We are big, noisy, and do scary things. On the other hand, sometimes animals become sick, injured, or are just too curious for their own good. When this happens, you'll want to know how to handle the situation so that neither you nor the animal(s) in question becomes hurt in the process. Read More …

How To Drive Bees From Your Business

26 April 2019
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It's never fun to have bees buzzing around in your business. Not only might they sting you while you're busy at work, but they often die and leave their bodies throughout your business. Some workers may even be hesitant to approach a particular area of your business for fear of being stung by a bee. Sometimes, it's even hard to figure out how they're getting inside in the first place. Read More …

Warning Signs That It’s Time To Call A Pest Control Company

24 April 2019
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Household pests tend to stay hidden much of the time, and they come out at night while you're sleeping to hunt for food and scamper around. Since your schedules are different, you may not know your home has pests if you never actually see them. However, all kinds of pests leave different types of clues behind. Here are some signs that indicate it's time to call a pest control company. Read More …

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Home & Yard

24 April 2019
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Fleas are in abundance in springtime. You may find them in your yard or on your dog, which can attach to you or your pet and make their way into your home. If you don't take care of this issue immediately, you could end up with a flea infestation in your home. To help get rid of the fleas in your home, there are a few things you'll need to do, but you'll also need to do something about the fleas in your yard to prevent them from coming back. Read More …

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