3 Important Things to Do When You Have a Wild Animal in Your Home

3 Important Things to Do When You Have a Wild Animal in Your Home

29 April 2019
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Have you recently moved from a very urban area to one that is more rural? Are you wondering how to deal with all of the wild animals that you see around your home? In general, wildlife usually wants nothing to do with people. We are big, noisy, and do scary things. On the other hand, sometimes animals become sick, injured, or are just too curious for their own good. When this happens, you'll want to know how to handle the situation so that neither you nor the animal(s) in question becomes hurt in the process. Some things you'll need to do include:

Call a professional

Animals that are sick can pass that sickness to humans. Animals that are injured can become frightened easily and may cause severe wounds by biting or scratching. If this happens, you'd need to visit the nearest hospital for a preventative rabies shot, just in case. Even a harmless looking rabbit can defend itself if it is pressed to do so. An expert that handles residential wildlife removal will know how to safely capture and contain an animal that has wandered into your yard and/or home and refuses to leave. This way, you won't have to worry about whether an animal will hurt you or your family as you try to help it.

Open all doors and windows

After you've called your local residential wildlife removal service, if the animal has wandered into your home then it may wander out again if you open as many doors or windows as you can safely reach. If it does leave, then everything is fine and you can cancel the call. If it continues to think that your home is a good hiding place, help will be on the way because you've already called the professional about the situation.

Stay away

Again, remember that you're dealing with a wild animal. As cute as some of them may be, you don't want to tangle with any of them. At best, you'll simply frighten them and cause them to urinate or defecate in your home, something that can be difficult to clean up. At worst, without the assistance of someone who can properly handle residential wildlife removal, you could wind up spending the night in the ER. As frustrating as it may be to have a skunk, a raccoon, or some other creature in your home and possibly causing havoc, just leave the animal alone until a professional can take care of it.

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