3 Misconceptions People Believe About Pest Control

3 Misconceptions People Believe About Pest Control

7 May 2019
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As a homeowner, you probably want your home to be clean, appealing, and free of any unwanted guests. Unfortunately, unwanted guests, such as bugs or rodents, do not have to induce feelings of fear or panic, since help is available. Of course, proper understanding is helpful if you want to prevent and reduce the risk of pests inside your home. This guide will explain a few common misconceptions regarding pests and pest control services.

Bugs and Rodents Mean your House is Dirty

One misconception most people believe is that pests only come into homes that are dirty and unkempt. Surprisingly, this is not true.

Pests, such as ants, spiders, roaches, and even mice may find your home appealing for a variety of reasons.

There is food inside the home, for example. Even if your home is clean, food is present in the pantry, cabinets, countertops, and even some food crumbs and residue will be found in trashcans on the floors.

Your home is also warm and secure. Pests want shelter that not only provides a warm space, but also safe space that is free from other predators.

Finally, all living things, including bugs and rodents, need water to survive and your home may be a good source of moisture. If you have a hidden water leak, high levels of humidity, or an unsealed crawlspace, you are more likely to have a pest problem.

Bed Bugs Infest Beds Only

Another misconception people believe is that bed bugs are only problems in beds. Therefore, if you inspect your beds regularly and see no signs of these bugs, you may think your home is clear. In reality, bed bugs can infest a variety of different places inside your home.

In addition to checking your bed, you should inspect the nightstand, dressers, chairs, sofas, rugs, window treatments, closets, and baseboards around your home for signs of bed bugs. If you have recently traveled, consider inspecting your vehicle and luggage, too, since bed bugs can easily travel to your home via your body, luggage, and vehicle.

DIY Pest Control is Convenient and Affordable

Once you do see some sort of pest in the home, you may think it is best to purchase DIY treatments and solutions.

Initially, the products you can buy in stores or make yourself may seem more convenient and cheaper that hiring a professional. However, considering they may not work as effectively as professional services, DIY treatments may end up costing you more stress and more money because they may not be as effective or easy to use. Contact a pest control service for more help.

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