How To Drive Bees From Your Business

How To Drive Bees From Your Business

26 April 2019
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It's never fun to have bees buzzing around in your business. Not only might they sting you while you're busy at work, but they often die and leave their bodies throughout your business. Some workers may even be hesitant to approach a particular area of your business for fear of being stung by a bee. Sometimes, it's even hard to figure out how they're getting inside in the first place.

How Bees End Up In Your Building

Bees are likely attracted to your business because it is close to a food source. A common way that bees enter a building is through a window or skylight. If you're not sure exactly where they're entering, try turning off all sounds that may be blocking out noise. You may hear a buzzing noise from wherever the bees might be located.

Some Bees Build Nests in Buildings

One reason why your business might have bees is that the bees are nesting on the property. If you see carpenter bees, they might have burrowed into the structure of the building. Any damage initially is minimal, but they will cause a greater amount of damage as they continue to burrow. Honeybees can also be a problem for your commercial building because they create very heavy honeycombs that can damage your structure. The honey also attracts other animals.

Hire Professionals

You're best off hiring professionals to handle bees in your business. If your bees are not removed in the right way, you might find yourself with more in the building after a short period of time. The type of method used to remove the bees depends on the species. Some professionals use pesticides, smoke, or will directly remove the bees themselves. Some commercial pest control specialists might use an additional hive to extract the honey left behind.

Your government might offer free bee removal services. However, the government will usually not provide all of the services you'll need to be free from bees. Instead, you'll want to hire a pest control service that will remove the bees, perform repairs and make sure that they don't come back. For example, a honeycomb that is left behind will simply attract new bees. You'll need to remove ideal nesting spots for bees. For example, if there is an area used for storage that has a lot of junk that has accumulated, this is a great place to build a nest. Visit All American Pest to learn more.

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