The Benefits of TAP Insulation for Pest Control

The Benefits of TAP Insulation for Pest Control

4 January 2024
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If you're tired of dealing with recurring pest problems in your home or business, it's time to consider TAP insulation. TAP insulation, short for Thermal Acoustical Pest Control insulation, has been used for over two decades to prevent pest infestations while also improving energy efficiency. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of TAP insulation, how it works for pest control, and why it's a smart investment for any property owner.

A Better Way to Control Common Pests 

When it comes to pest control, most people think of pesticides, traps, and other conventional methods. However, TAP insulation offers a better solution. Its cellulose fiber insulation contains borates, which are naturally occurring minerals that prevent pests from infesting your property. Since borates are harmless to humans and pets but deadly to pests, you won't have to worry about the harmful effects of pesticides or the mess and odor of traditional pest control methods.

Energy Savings 

TAP insulation not only reduces pest infestations but also improves your property's energy efficiency. This insulation is a great choice for homeowners looking to save on their heating and cooling bills and reduce their carbon footprint. The cellulose fibers in TAP insulation create an airtight seal in your home's walls and ceiling, preventing air leakage and improving insulation. This leads to less energy required to maintain the desired temperature in your home or business.

Noise Reduction 

TAP insulation not only helps to keep pests out and improve energy efficiency but also helps reduce noise levels inside your property. The cellulose fibers within TAP insulation absorb sound waves, leading to a quieter environment. This is especially useful for properties located near busy roads or in noisy areas.

Environmentally Friendly 

As mentioned earlier, TAP insulation is made of cellulose fiber that contains borates, which are naturally occurring minerals. TAP insulation is an eco-friendly option for property owners looking for green solutions. Plus, it's made of recycled materials, so it contributes to the reduction of waste in landfills.

Long-lasting Investment 

TAP insulation's benefits go beyond keeping pests out; it's also a long-lasting investment. This means that you won't have to worry about replacing your insulation frequently, resulting in a considerable cost saving in the long run.

TAP insulation is a smart investment for anyone looking to prevent pest infestations, improve energy efficiency, reduce noise levels, and contribute to the environment. Its natural and eco-friendly composition along with cost-saving benefits make it a smart choice for homeowners and business owners alike.

To learn more about TAP insulation, contact a pest control professional near you. 

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