How Residential Pest Control Can Help You This Spring

How Residential Pest Control Can Help You This Spring

5 April 2023
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There are many things you must do in spring after a long, cold winter. This includes waking up your landscaping, checking your HVAC unit, and checking for winter damage. Because of this the last thing you have time for is pests that can get in your home. To help you with this, hire a residential pest control company to help you. Below is information on what they will do when they come to your home. 


The first thing they do is walk through your home and look for signs of pests that you may already have. They know where pests like to be inside homes. The pest control contractor will also look outside your home for potential pest problems. This could be termites or an ant colony near your home. 

Doing this inspection allows the pest control contractor to know the treatment method they need to use to remove the pests from your home. You may not have a large problem, and if not, they can do a routine spray around your home while they are there. 

If your home has a severe pest infestation, there are many treatment methods they can use. This will depend on the type of pests you have, however. No matter what method they use, they will ensure all pests are out of your home. They may have to come more than one time. 

Remove Pests

The pest control contractor may use a spray to kill the pests. They will set up traps if you have mice or rats. If you have termites a spray may be used to kill them, they may put a barrier around the perimeter of your yard and use termite baits. Spray works well for pests like cockroaches, ants, and more. The contractor may spray outside your home as well. For example, if your dog keeps getting fleas, the contractor can spray the yard to kill the fleas. 

If your home has an infestation, the pest control contractor may suggest fumigation treatment. If so, you and your family, as well as all pets, will have to leave the home. They then seal off the home and release a gas pesticide around your home. This gas kills pests in your home including those hiding in small crevices. After the fumigation, the pest control company may also spray your home one more time to act as a barrier for future pests. 

A pest control contractor can explain these treatment methods to you in much more detail.

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