Getting The Mice Out Of Your Home

Getting The Mice Out Of Your Home

19 January 2023
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Pest control specialists handle many different problems in residential properties, and mice removal is one of them. Mice often look for ways into a home to seek shelter from the weather and cold outside, but they can become a real problem and cause damage to the house if not removed. 

Mice And Your Home

If you are having trouble with mice getting into your home, you can try trapping them, baiting them, and poisoning the nests, but if you have a large infestation, you may need the help of mice removal services to get them all out of your home. The most common way to remove mice is to use mouse traps and keep resetting them as they catch mice. 

The problem with this method is it does not get all the mice, and they continue to reproduce and build the colony faster than you can trap them. Mice removal often requires traps and baits that will kill the mice used together, and placing them where they will be most effective is essential. 

The mice removal service can help you determine where the traps need to go, and they can add bait and poison in the right areas to attract and kill the mice when they eat them. The bait or poison can slow the colony growth enough to let the traps work, but you will need to check the traps and reset them regularly to ensure they continue to do the job. 

Sealing Up Holes

Once you get the mice under control, you need to look around your home to see if you can find where they are getting in. A mice removal service can help you, and once you find the holes, seal them so no more mice make their way into your house.

Keep in mind small mice can get through holes much smaller than their body size, so you can't leave any open, or they will find them. Mice can also come in from trees that are too close to your home and have branches hanging over the roof, open cracks in the attic, or other areas, so check the entire house to ensure everything is sealed up tight. 

Cats And Mice

Most mice removal services will tell you that a cat can help effectively control mice in your home, and they are a very good control method. However, cats come with other concerns like feeding and caring for them, so while this can help reduce the number of mice in your house, it is a measure that you need to consider carefully before taking that step. 

For help dealing with your infestation, contact a professional mice removal service in your area.

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