Common Mouse Traps Mistakes You Should Avoid

Common Mouse Traps Mistakes You Should Avoid

18 July 2022
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From the presence of urine or feces along the baseboards to the sound of scurrying across the floor at night, a mouse may have made themselves at home in your house. Setting traps is a quick, effective, and relatively inexpensive way to eliminate mice. However, if you are setting traps but cannot catch any mice, you might be making any number of common mistakes. Here are a few mistakes homeowners commonly make when trying to catch a mouse with a trap.

Using Too Much Bait

From the classic chunk of cheese to wet cat food or peanut butter, there are several foods that you can use as bait for your mouse trap. Unfortunately, many homeowners place a large chunk or glob of the product on the trap, which is actually a huge mistake. This is because if you place too much bait on the trap, the mouse will nibble on the bait and leave the rest behind.

This means that the mouse will enjoy the bait without tripping the mouse trap. Instead, only place a small amount of the bait. This will ensure the mouse's weight will set off the trap because the mouse will have to climb on the trap to access the bait.

Sticking To Only One Type of Trap

From humane catch and release traps to snap traps, electronic traps, and glue traps, there are a variety of mouse traps available at your local hardware or home improvement stores. Many homeowners start to feel comfortable with one type of trap and will be loyal to using that trap. Unfortunately, only using one type of trap can make it difficult to catch all the mice in your house if you only use one type of trap.

Instead, purchase several different types of traps and spread them throughout your home. Eventually, you will determine which type of trap is the most effective and you can use that trap more often to catch any mice that make their way into your house in the future.

Not Making the Mouse Comfortable in Your Home First

Finally, one of the most common mistakes homeowners make is setting traps with bait and assuming that the trap will be successful that first night. Instead, set out some bait along the baseboards for a couple of days to get the mouse comfortable. Once the mouse is used to finding that regular food source, set the trap with the same bait and you will find the trap will be more successful.

From relying on one type of trap to using too much bait, there are several mouse trap mistakes that many homeowners make. For more help, contact a local mice control service.

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