Why It's Good To Remove Bats From Your Property

Why It's Good To Remove Bats From Your Property

29 April 2022
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Bats are unique mammals, for sure. They can fly, which really sets them apart from other mammalian wildlife like squirrels and rabbits. As such, if you see bats on your property, your first reaction may be to say "that's cool." But as cool as bats can be in the wild, you really do not want them living in or directly around your home. The best thing to do if you think bats are living in and around your home is to call a bat removal company. Here are the key reasons why it's good to have them removed.

Bats carry rabies.

Many mammals carry rabies, and bats certainly can. Rabies is a severe viral infection, and it can impact humans, too. If you start showing symptoms of rabies, it is too late for treatment — and you will almost certainly die. If you know you're bitten by a rabid bat, you can get vaccines to prevent you from contracting rabies. However, people can be bitten by bats in their sleep and not realize it. A bat could also bite your pet dog or cat, giving them rabies. With rabies being as dangerous as it is, you're best off not taking the risk of having bats in or around your home. Removing them is the safest choice. 

Bats can destroy your home.

Even if you think bats are cute, you won't find your attic or garage very cute after they've been nesting in there. Much like mice, they can rip off the insulation and other building materials. They also leave their feces, known as guano, all over the place. Cleaning up this sort of mess is a big task, and the longer the bats are in there, the bigger the mess becomes. Having them removed sooner rather than later will minimize the amount of cleanup you need to do.

Bats can spread histoplasmosis.

Histoplasmosis is a disease of the respiratory tract. It can cause wheezing, coughing, and even pneumonia. It is spread by bat guano, which you're going to have around if there are bats in or near your home. Histoplasmosis can be especially serious for babies and older adults. Having the bats removed and their guano cleaned up is the best way to protect yourself from this condition.

Bats and humans can coexist as long as they keep some distance from each other. Bats should not be in your home or yard, so arrange to have them removed soon.

For more information on bat removal, contact a company near you.

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