Signs Of A Skunk Infestation

Signs Of A Skunk Infestation

25 August 2021
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Skunks may enter your property in search of shelter, water, and food. While skunks aren't usually aggressive, they pose a danger to your family and pets. For instance, if you or your pet show aggressive behavior to a skunk, the animal may bite and spread diseases such as rabies if infected. To eliminate skunks in your yard, you need to perform skunk removal. But you must be sure that you have a skunk problem before hiring skunk elimination services. Here are signs that your yard has a skunk infestation.

Skunk Sighting

When you see a skunk roaming around your property, this is an obvious indicator of a skunk infestation because young skunks spend most of their lives with their mothers until they can survive independently. Hence, if you see one skunk, that probably means that there are other skunks around. The various skunk species include:

  • Striped skunk: This is the most common species and is the size of a domestic cat. The animals have black fur with two white stripes on the back and a white line that runs from the forehead downward between the eyes.
  • Spotted skunk: The animals have black fur with spots spread all over the skin. This skunk species is smaller than the striped skunk.

If you spot these skunks on your property, embark on the skunk removal process immediately.


When skunks roam around your property, they'll probably leave tracks behind. However, differentiating between a skunk's tracks and the tracks of other similar-sized wildlife like raccoons can be difficult. However, skunk tracks are unique.

For instance, skunks have five toes with sharp claws on the front feet for breaking the ground. So, you should notice claw marks on the paw print. However, the front claws are longer than the back claws. Identifying skunk tracks should prepare you for the skunk removal process.

Bad Smell

If you constantly smell foul odor on your property and you can't explain the source, there's probably a skunk nearby. Ideally, skunk spray can spread a considerable distance from where the spraying happened. However, for the smell to reach your yard, that means the skunks are nearby. Therefore, consider skunk removal methods such as trapping the skunks and releasing them to their natural habitats.

Skunk Damage

Skunks usually dig small holes in search of larvae and grubs. Also, skunks may dig burrows for living around your foundation and garden. The animals may also destroy your garden plants or sod. Such damage indicates skunk presence.

Bad smells, tracks, skunk sightings, and property damage are indicators of skunk infestation. Consider hiring skunk removal services, such as Elite Wildlife Control, when you see these signs.

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