Why Heat Treatment Is An Incredible Bed Bug Control Method

Why Heat Treatment Is An Incredible Bed Bug Control Method

19 February 2021
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Bedbugs are the worst vermin that you can have at home or in your commercial establishment. They usually move and reproduce very fast, and within a few weeks of the initial infestation, they will be crawling to every part of the upholstery. The bugs are also challenging to remove. Most people that try do-it-yourself exterminations end up with a stubborn bug problem that doesn't go away. That's why it's crucial to involve professionals and tested extermination methods. 

One of the most effective ways to deal with bedbugs is using a heat treatment method to remove the pests and their eggs from their premises. Heat is better than insecticides because bedbugs can adapt and give birth to resistant offspring. Here's why most professional exterminators use heat treatment to control bed bugs.

It Exterminates All the Bugs

One of the main reasons why bedbugs are almost impossible to exterminate is their speed. Bedbugs can run to safety very fast when they sense that they are in danger. They will hide in corners and nooks that you cannot reach if you are fumigating the house or spraying an insecticide. 

Heat treatment is different because the exterminator brings the entire house to a specific temperature. The pests will have nowhere to hide when the whole place is hot, including the spaces inside the walls. The temperatures that the exterminators use also kill the eggs and stop bug reproduction.

The Process Is Natural

Side effects are another thing that you have to worry about when exterminating pests in the house. Most of the chemicals used to spray and fumigate a home are toxic. The particles can quickly get inside the HVAC system and keep circulating in the house. They will cause allergic reactions and other respiratory health complications among your family members and pets. However, heat is a biological extermination method, and it does not leave behind any side effects. Your house goes back to normal when the extermination process is over. 

It Kills Insecticide-Resistant Strains

The other massive benefit of heat treatment is how well it eliminates all the bugs resistant to insecticides. Bedbugs are tough, and they quickly adapt to the environment. If you have tried extermination before, but it is not working, you may have a strain resistant to pesticides. Heat eliminates all these strains and leaves your home free of vermin.

Dealing with a bed bug infestation can be quite overwhelming and annoying. However, choosing competent exterminators who use the most effective extermination technique will help. The heating treatment is among the best methods they use. The process takes a day, and your premises will be completely bug-free after.

Reach out to a bed bug control service for more information.

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