3 Important Pest Control Tips For Homeowners Dealing With Ants

3 Important Pest Control Tips For Homeowners Dealing With Ants

18 June 2019
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Ants are one of the more difficult pests to deal with. Since they are so small, they can fit underneath windows and doors and get inside your home. If you're looking for an effectivel solution to them, remember these pest control tips. 

Seal Up Entry Points

So that you can prevent more ants from getting inside your home, you need to examine your property and look for possible entry points that ants may have used to get inside. There are several areas to inspect.

Two of the most common include windows and doors. Expect these areas carefully, looking for cracks and crevices. If these are present, you'll want to seal them up. You can buy stick-on weatherstrips, which will seal these cracks completely.

You also might check the chimney area if you have one. As a precaution, you may want to purchase a chimney cap as it will create a tight seal that ants can't bypass no matter how hard they try. 

Keep Home Sanitary

The reason why ants are compelled to get inside your property in the first place is because there probably are sources of food and water. For example, there could be sticky substances on the floors from leftover food and drinks. Then, ants are attracted to these areas and may keep coming back.

To keep ants at bay, you need to keep your home completely sanitary. Make sure all sources of food and water are put up. Clean any spills on your floors and make sure your trash is in a sealed container. 

Hire the Pros

If you're struggling to kill ants on your property with over-the-counter products, then it may be time to finally call in the pros. They deal with ants on a regular basis, and as a result, they know exactly what tactics to implement based on the ant species on your property.

Once the species is properly identified, they'll administer special insecticides. These will kill all ants inside your home. The pest control expert will also administer baits, which the worker ants will take to the queen. Once the queen is killed off, the entire population will crumble. 

Ants may find their way into your home at some point. Although this is perfectly natural, you probably don't want them showing up announced time and time again. Fortunately, dealing with ants isn't that complicated. You just need to get proactive and know what strategies to execute around your property. To learn more, contact a local ant removal company.

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