Seek Out And Attack An Army Of Carpenter Ants

Seek Out And Attack An Army Of Carpenter Ants

5 June 2019
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Imagine your workers opening some cardboard cartons that were previously stored outdoors, and then opening the boxes and being greeted with the sight of many carpenter ants scurrying about. Ants often burrow in dim areas, and a material like corrugated cardboard can be a desired nesting place. Ants also tend to burrow in untreated wooden surfaces. Because carpenter ants can ruin the wooden structure that your business is located in, treating the pests promptly is imperative.

A Spray May Not Be Effective

Even if you keep a pesticide spray inside of your business to treat ants and other insects that you and your employees encounter, you cannot depend upon the product eliminating every single ant. The first thing that you or a staff member should do if ants are discovered inside of some boxes is take the cartons outdoors.

Still, pests may have been able to escape the boxes when they were first opened, and these ants could be heading toward the interior walls or another part of the building that will provide them with a concealed area to hide.

Open the doors and a couple windows so that fresh air may enter the building. Administer the pest spray, in hopes of eliminating the majority of the ants that remain and head outdoors and spray the insides of the cartons that contain ants. Contact a commercial pest control company to have a team of exterminators assist with assessing the inside of your building and determining if there are other carpenter ants that have taken up residence inside of the structure.

Powerful Products Will Kill Pests And Interfere With An Ant's Pheromones

When a pest treatment is underway, your commercial property will be inspected, both indoors and outdoors. Commercial pesticides are effective and they work in two ways. First, they kill ants upon contact and will continue to kill pests that weren't eliminated initially.

Second, a pesticide will interfere with an ant's pheromones (a chemical substance that is released), breaking the cycle of communication between ants. For instance, after the building and property is sprayed, there may be additional carpenter ants that are nesting in the vicinity.

The ants in a nest use pheromones to interact with each other. This is why you normally see ants walking in a line. If one ant alerts the remaining ants in the colony, concerning a food source, then the ants will form a line and follow one another to the food. When ants are unable to smell food, thus disrupting an effective means of communication, the colony of carpenter ants will not be interested in moving closer to the building. 

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