Don't Let Raccoons And Possums Wreck Your Room Share Gig

Don't Let Raccoons And Possums Wreck Your Room Share Gig

29 May 2019
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The novel "All Creatures Great and Small" presents the perfect answer to a pest control question: "What critters should I worry about?" All unwanted pests come with equally unwanted problems. For a homeowner renting out rooms through a room share service, you don't want pests undermining your hospitality. The guests booking rooms won't necessarily be kind to bad experiences. Don't expect them to forgive a possum or raccoon infestation. If these oversized creatures breach your property, call on pest control services to deal with them. Otherwise, poor guest reviews could sink your critical supplemental income stream.

Creatures Getting Too Close for Comfort

People throw away their garbage. Possums and raccoons take advantage and use the refuse as a food source. As long as a sustainable amount of food exists, these creatures will run around the neighborhood. They'll also seek shelter during the daylight hours under crawlspaces or on roofs. They may even find refuge inside your home; you and your guests may hear them moving about in the walls. If so, calling a pest control service should become priority number one. Too many problems could arise when these beasts infest the walls.

Escape from the Wall

Don't think the critters won't attempt to chew through the wall. Pet owners who leave out dry food for their dogs or cats may not realize the lingering smell won't be lost on wall dwellers -- and drywall alone won't be enough to defend against sharp teeth and claws. Once they break through, you can't control what happens. Imagine if a raccoon bit a guest. Liability lawsuits would fly. 

The Inside-the-Wall Disaster Scenario

Even if a raccoon or possum never enters the home, the possibility exists that one could die inside the walls. The resultant smell of decay won't make guests thrilled about their stay. Rats and roaches will be thrilled over the newly rotting corpse. It's food for them, and they'll now infest your home. As more pests move in, your room share reviews may shape up to be brutal.

The Professional Approach

Pest control professionals employ a humane way to deal with oversized pests -- they place traps at entry points. Once caught in the traps, the creatures are usually released out in the wild. The critical point here is the pros can locate the entry points. They can find even the most out-of-sight entryway and seal it. Once pest control professionals complete the job, hopefully the critters will go somewhere else to live rent-free.

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