Close Entry Points as a Means of Cockroach Control

Close Entry Points as a Means of Cockroach Control

22 May 2019
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Cockroaches want to survive. If you mistakenly provide a source of food or water for them, they target your home. Leaving trash overflowing in a kitchen wastebasket creates the aroma of a food source. Not fixing a small pipe leak contributes to a life-sustaining food supply. Homeowners worried about roaches and other bugs generally realize the threat that food and water sources present, but they don't always think about portals. Portals are, essentially, "security breaches" that allow roaches to enter the home.

Roaches Don't Walk Through Walls

You may wonder how roaches entered your home. After all, a cockroach can't walk through a wall. However, roaches can travel through holes and imperfections in walls. Roaches will exploit any place they find an entry point. If you see a roach in your home, check out the underside of your doors. Are slight gaps present? These gaps do more than drive up energy bills. They provide an easy way for cockroaches to enter. Homeowners may be utterly clueless about the openings, presenting an invitation to roaches and, possibly, other pests.

The Insufficient Two-Step Response

Upon discovering roaches, homeowners will commonly respond with a two-step approach. First, they purchase poison sprays and traps to kill off the roaches. Second, they thoroughly clean the interior to reduce any food or refuse-related attractants. Both steps make sense, but they don't address the issue of entry points. Roaches looking for a safe living environment will probably still enter a home lacking food sources. And retail store poisons and traps frequently prove inefficient. A better plan involves calling a professional exterminator.

The Portal Audit

An exterminator possesses the necessary experience to look for entry portals. Once discovered, appropriate sealants could be employed to close off the roach doorways. An exterminator could also suggest home improvement work capable of further reducing entry issues. An educated professional should perform this audit. Otherwise, the search for entries may prove insufficient.

And Then There Are the Poisons

Also, a professional exterminator utilizes industrial sprays and poisons much stronger than those available in retail stores. Consider this another benefit that hiring a professional exterminator can bring. Remember, closing the portals keeps new roaches out, but there is likely a population already living in the home. Eliminate those roaches.

The Cost-Saving Calamity

A common reason people don't call a professional exterminator is cost. They feel they can handle things by themselves. Usually, they can't, and the roach problem worsens. Don't make this mistake. Call a cockroach control company today.

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