Unexplained Damage In Your Crawl Space Or House? Could Be Rats

Unexplained Damage In Your Crawl Space Or House? Could Be Rats

19 April 2019
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If you find chewed wood, piles of paper clippings, and other strange problems scattered throughout your crawl space or home, it could be a sign of rats. Although small, rats can cause a tremendous amount of damage to your home. Not only can the damage cause structural problems with your house, but it can spread disease and other contaminants. Learn how rats can destroy your house and what you may do about them.

Are Rats Really That Destructive?

Although rats generally live out in the wild, the pests can enter your house or crawl space to escape predators, find free food, or build nests. Rats don't just mind their business once they invade your home. The pests can damage property and structures throughout your house, including the electrical wiring running through your walls and wooden beams supporting your crawl space. Unless you see the rodents firsthand, you might not even know that pests are in your home.

You can try to catch the pests in the act by setting up cameras in your crawl space or around your home. The cameras might reveal where the rodents are in your house. If you don't like the idea of using cameras to spot the pests, contact a pest control company that offers rodent extermination services for help.

How Do You Stop the Destruction Now?

Pest control services can examine your crawl space and home for detailed signs of rats. There may be large nesting sites beneath your floors, inside your wall cavities, or on the beams in your crawl space. Rodents can also construct highways in your house that lead to various areas of the house.

Pest control may also check the perimeter around your home for rodents. Rats can dig tunnels or establish burrows beneath your property to reach your crawl space and house. If the tunnels travel close to your home's foundation, driveway, or porch, they could damage them.

Once exterminators locate the rodents' nesting sites and burrows, they'll do all they can to remove or eliminate the pests. You may need to replace the concrete or wood in your crawl space with something stronger and more reliable. The replacement material used for your home may depend on the exterminator you choose to help you. If an exterminator uses another method to repair the rat damage in your home, they'll tell you so immediately.

If you'd like assistance finding and eliminating the rats in your house, contact an exterminator today.

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